Return Form and RMA#

To return a product for repair or replacement while under warranty, please provide the requested information below. Once submitted, an email will be sent providing a record of the submission and the RMA. If you wish to speak directly to a PowerArc representative during normal business hours, please call 800-990-8455 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM CST.

  1. Fill out the required contact information
  2. Provide a short description of the problem in the explanation box along with any additional information that may be of use
  3. Optional information, include jpg formatted photos
  4. Submit the electronic claim
  5. Once you have received an email notification and an RMA number remove the defective element, print out the email notification and ship the product and the email FREIGHT PRE PAID to:
    PowerArc Claims Dept
    7556 Watson Rd.
    St. Louis MO 63119
  6. NOTE: In most cases the internal portion of the light can be removed independently of the entire light for return