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Back in the eighties, a problem emerged in the world of emergency warning devices. With the improved sound proofing of automobiles combined with better sound systems, the performance of sirens and air-horns were becoming secondary warning devices; drivers could no longer hear the emergency vehicles. Emergency personnel were finding the only solution to clear traffic and improve safety was to add more warning lights. The philosophy was, “if you can’t be heard, make sure you can be seen.”

This solution was effective, as long as the vehicle’s electrical system could keep up with the electrical demands. When it couldn’t, emergency apparatus became electrically unstable and unreliable, either shutting down or not starting. A better and more efficient way to produce emergency visual warning signals was needed.

In 1994, W. Kenneth Menke III, responded to the problem with the introduction of a revolutionary and patented new oscillating warning light technology to the industry, PowerArc!

The PowerArc technology, originally designed for halogen lights, now incorporates LED Technology. PowerArc is the first and only warning light that actually moves the LED. PowerArc lights provide brighter warning light protection using fewer, more energy efficient devices than other warning lights. It is possible to achieve two, if not three, times the energy of a lighting package with less electricity and fewer devices.

Over many years, PowerArc has matured into a respected manufacturer of warning lights specifically designed and built for the emergency service industry. Happy not to be the largest of the light manufacturers, PowerArc takes pride in knowing its growth has been on its quality and customer service.

Our philosophy: provide the best, brightest, vehicle warning lights to protect those who protect others. The hazardous situations emergency vehicles and personnel are placed in are always unique. PowerArc understands this and offers not one but three distinctive forms of LED warning light technology, in a wide variety of housings and mounts, allowing for easy customization and the flexibility to meet your specific application. Whether it is one light or a fleet of lights, we look forward to building your light the way you want it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our past and hope our website allows you to learn about our latest technologies and advancements in warning lights.


W. Kenneth Menke III

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