PowerArc VOLT Lightbar
The VOLT lightbar, "like no other" provides unlimited possibilities.
VOLT stands for Versatile, Optical, Lighting, Technology. It is
the only lightbar designed to allow the integrated mounting of not
only warning lights but a multitude of auxiliary lighting devices.
PowerArc P6
The P6BG and P6NT are "Mighty Bright Little Lights" providing a true
180 degrees of warning light using patent pending flexible optic
technology. NFPA compliant.

PowerArc VOLT VP7004-4PE15
VOLT lightbar by PowerArc. Fixed, pulsing LED light heads with
integrated center mounted LED brow light.
PowerArc XT Lightbar
The classic look of a traditional lightbar with Innovative moving
LED technology.
PowerArc P14
The P14 is not your ordinary stationary pulsing LED warning light.
The LEDs are mounted at angles directing the signal rather than
spreading it. Off angle performance is almost as bright as head on.
PowerArc M90
The original and only true mechanically moving LED light. If you want
the performance and the power, you want the movement.

PowerArc MP13
The only true combination LED light warning. Upper level moves
and and the lower level pulses. Lower row can be over-ridden
going from flashing to steady state.
PowerArc 3 LED Warning Light Technologies
Moving, Pulsing, and combined Moving & Pulsing.
Three Technologies.....Unlimited Possibilities.

PowerArc LED210
LED210 surface mounted corner light allows one light to take
the place of two lights.
PowerArc VOLT VM8506QE15-6P
VOLT Lightbar by PowerArc. Adjustable end mounted 15,000 lm
brow lights. Bar shown with optional traffic emitter.
PowerArc P14PSK
PowerArc P14PSK LED traffic advisor. 3 to 8 heads.

PowerArc M90DHL
Dual module warning light assembly to be inserted into standard
KD style headlight housing. Lights come mounted to transition plate.