To file a warranty claim on a PowerArc product, please provide the requested information below. A PowerArc representative may need to contact you to confirm the information and initiate the warranty. If you wish to speak directly to a PowerArc representative during normal business hours, please call 800-990-8455 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM CST.
Warranty Claim Number: 122214-022913A
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Please provide a short description of the problem and the product or products requesting to be warrantied. Provide as much information as possible.LED or halogen, product model number(s), mounting location(s) and or position number of light, color of light and lens, type and year of the apparatus, hard wired or multiplexed. Electronic photos (JPG format only) may also be attached below.
Statement of Acceptance of PowerArc Warranty Invoice & Return Terms
A Warranty Invoice will be sent to the person/company listed for any warranty product(s) or part(s) shipped. A credit will be applied against the Warranty Invoice only after the product(s) or part(s) in question have been returned to PowerArc postage paid. It is the responsibility of the warranty claimant to see that the product(s) or part(s) is returned to PowerArc. Failure to return warrantied product(s) or parts(s) is a breach of the Agreement requiring full payment of the Warranty Invoice.

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I have read and understand the PowerArc warranty program.

I agree to the terms of the PowerArc warranty program and will return the product(s) or parts(s) in question, post paid, or pay the warranty invoice.